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Views From the Top Row - More McClure interest, prospects, rookies, and some Matt Holliday stuff

Yesterday I mentioned the news that Bob McClure had been interviewed by the Royals, well it turns out they aren't the only team interested, according to the Rocky Mountain News McClure has also been the subject of inquiry from the Mariners and could also be a target of the Marlins.

In the AFL, Ian Stewart went zero for four, but Jeff Salazar had a triple and two runs scored, and Chris Iannetta his first hit (a double) while Ramon Ramirez picked up his second win and Jim Miller his second save of the Fall. Despite the W, Ramirez wasn't that impressive, giving up three hits and two runs in two innings of work, while Miller didn't allow any baserunners with a K in the ninth. I got the schedule messed up and Jon Asahina, who I said would get the start yesterday, actually goes today.

From BA, the all rookie teams have been announced and Garrett Atkins is our only first-teamer, although Jeff Francis and Clint Barmes both made the second team. Athletics closer Huston Street was their choice for ROY.

Finally, Baseball Reference has the 2005 stats up, and while most of our young players don't have enough seasoning to draw any really accurate comparisons, I did think it was interesting to note that Matt Holliday's most comparable counterpart through age 25 was five time Cubs All-Star, Bill Nicholson, who peaked during the diluted era of WWII, but was still pretty consistent for several years after. Close behind Nicholson as comps are former Pirates great, Richie Zisk and the D-backs' Chad Tracy, who's the same age as Holliday and whose site at baseballreference is sponsored by somebody apparently closely affiliated with my fellow SportsBlogger over at the AZ Snakepit. It will be interesting over the next few years to watch if these two careers diverge in the NL West, just another little sub-plot I guess to the seasons ahead.