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Championship Series Prediction Thread

I'm going to try to be humble while contemplating the meaning of one more curious move by the Rox - as reported by Malakian in the comments of the thread below this one. Miguel Ojeda - hmm... midseason I would have been slightly in favor of us getting Ojeda, now I'm not so sure. I'll figure it out tomorrow.

Tonight, meanwhile, I'm going to try to keep my streak alive. In case some of you missed it, I got the winners of every divisional series. And while I got the American League number of games wrong, I nailed that part in the NL as well. So right now I'm going to try and figure out what needs to happen in an ALCS featuring the "other team" from two major metropolitan areas. The Angels don't have any curses to deal with, but the White Sox seriously rolled through the defending champs and are a bit more rested. This series features two managers who are unabashed in their happy ingnorance of statistical performance evaluation, which since the playoffs are largely a crapshoot anyway probably helps by keeping them from overanalyzing situations.  Ahh there's the beauty - no analysis is necessary... go with your gut - right now mine is saying: "Mmmm...Chocolate Fudge..." which I think means the White Sox win in five games.

I want to say St. Louis for the other one, but I keep running into the fact that Houston's pitching rocks, and that the Cardinals pitching doesn't rock quite as much. Pitching always wins championships, doesn't it? No... pitching keeps you from losing championships. You have to have something backing it up to win, which luckily Houston does. The Astros finally taste the big time after six gruelling games. Sorry about that Larry Walker, unless of course you come up big, which I really hope you do, and then I see the Cards taking this thing. Which isn't a cheesy "Rox Girl is trying to pick both teams" statement, either. I hope the Cards win for L-Walk, but my prediction that it doesn't happen stands.