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Thursday Thread

Unlike the Jaime Cerda claim, which to me seemed a completely useless move, I have to say the Miguel Ojeda claim is sitting with me a bit better. As good as Danny Ardoin was for us defensively, I'm not completely comfortable with putting all of our eggs into that basket, and Ojeda has a chance to be a more complete backup than JD Closser as his defense is quite a bit better and to date, his bat has been about as good.

Speaking of catchers, what to make of the call last night in the ALCS? I'm not going to defend the terrible umpiring by Doug Eddings, but at the same time Josh Paul should have been a little bit more heads up and not taken the out so much for granted. As a catcher he should know that umpires miss calls all the time, and in an ALCS mistakes of that nature are magnified a thousandfold. It's going to be Eddings who deservedly goes down in infamy with names like Deniker, Maier and Bartman, but it was Paul and his team that took the loss that could have been prevented all it would have taken was a tag or a soft throw to first.

In the desert, the Rockies contingent is cooling off a bit (Chris Iannetta started off that way) and thus far our best performer may be closer Jim Miller whose three scoreless innings and two saves have been a high point.