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Final 2005 Game Thread - Cook versus Zambrano

One hundred sixty one games played and it all comes down to this, a Rockies win and our season is extended, we lose and we have to wait to see what happens with the Los Angeles game...

Sorry, I was just trying it on, seeing what it would be like, not bad actually, I think I'll have to revisit that. Maybe next year.

Today does mark the end of a low point for the franchise, empirically there's no way around that when you muster only sixty-six or sixty-seven wins, and frankly the expansion year shouldn't really count. The good news is there is substantial evidence to indicate that this will be the bottom of our drop and next year the team will improve in the win-loss column barring catastrophe. The question then becomes how much, and for how long, and whether it will be enough to return this club to the playoffs some near season down the road.

I'm always saddened at the end of the season, particularly these bad ends we've had of late, and have a hard time watching the first round of the playoffs because all I can think about is: "Those fans still have something that I've lossed." Yeah, I'm the jealous type. Anyhow, thanks to all my readers for making this first season on the Row so enjoyable despite the team's performance, and of course I'll provide plenty of stuff for you to come back for (hopefully) during the offseason.

So today we watch the end of the troubled beginning of Gen-R, fittingly Aaron Cook takes the hill (it still fits, earlier I thought it was Francis, but either way, those two are going to be the bulwarks in the rotation) and Clint Hurdle is likely to also play lots of the youngsters. Let's hope they make it memorable and take the finale in a fashion to keep the hot-stove burning all winter...

Go Rockies!