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AFL - Update: BA does a LaRoche versus Stewart right up

Here's the link to Chris Kline's article, but here's the highlight:

"To me, he's the class of this league," a scout with an American League club said. "He just works so hard and you have to love that makeup. No knock on Andy, who's also a hard worker, but Stewart has better bat speed, a better game plan against pitchers, better actions around the bag, quicker reactions and a plus arm. His footwork needs more work and he doesn't move to his right very well. Bottom line is Stewart is just more polished than LaRoche right now."
The Javelinas play a later game against Mesa today, but that's a pretty glowing review and a nice preview of what to look for next season at Tulsa. Really, I think Stewart's going to force an interesting dilemna with Garrett Atkins by the end of next season. This isn't meant to be a knock on Garrett, as he's been fine at third, but with Stewart we have somebody who could be a perennial all-star there. At any rate, the first break-up of Gen-R is just around the corner.