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Post-Season Day Two thread - Also, Go Avalanche!

Hey, so far so good on my predictions, although Anaheim will have to win three in a row to make that one come true. With the Cards pummelling the Padres' best pitcher yesterday, a sweep seems even more inevitable, especially since Adam Eaton - who was incredible in the season finale versus the Dodgers - wouldn't pitch until Sunday or maybe in desperate relief on Saturday.

Anyway, right now the Astros cling to a lead against the Braves, while the American League gets both game twos out of the way tonight.

Also tonight, the Avs start a new season, and while I'm only an extremely casual hockey fan (it's the only other professional sport I'll watch, besides the occasional beach volleyball this summer - What can I say? They're all so beautiful...) I am glad to see the Avs back. I like the NHL season because it starts after baseball and doesn't drag as far into the season as the NBA. Very courteous. I just hope they do as well under whatever this new labor structure entails. All your postseason baseball and regular season NHL thoughts are welcome here (and if any of you want to talk about Sean Scott, Jeff Nygaard, or Holly McPeak, well I'm all for it, but something tells me that won't be the case).