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Colorado Springs - Season Wrap/Top Prospect Thread

None of the Sky Sox made the PCL list, but the only real question is whether Ryan Shealy deserved consideration. He definitely isn't in the Top 10, although I would have dropped Dan Johnson lower as well. I do think Shealy's a better prospect than most of the 16-20 range players, so I probably would have slotted him somewhere in there.

With a weak Tulsa class moving up, next year figures to be more of the same for the Springs until midseason when some of our top players should start to advance. Still, the Sky Sox' rotation figures to be more solid next year than it was in 2005, especially if Esposito returns for more seasoning in AAA.

That said, I think the Rockies were successful in filling the Sky Sox roster with a higher quality of replacement part than we are used to seeing from the club. Ryan Spilborghs, Danny Ardoin and Eddy Garabito each provided valuable injury relief that didn't necessitate trying to fill positions via trade. Ardoin in fact was so impressive that we should rightly consider keeping him as a primary backstop for 2006 (a case argued excellently at Franchise26's Up in the Rockies I might add). Jeff Baker (eh, not so great) and Ryan Shealy (pretty darn good) helped fill in as well, but they fall into a different category as legitimate prospects. What's more, the Rockies had even more help on the ready with players like Tim Olson. The bullpen had more mixed results but still came through regularly in providing the big league club with arms. In fact, only the Diamondbacks within the division were able to fill from within as well as far as fallen position players go (mostly because they block their quality prospects with scrubs) and none of our divisonal foes had the same success in finding bullpen help from their own systems. If the Rockies can keep this aspect to the 2006 Sky Sox, we should have one more reason to feel confident about being more competitive.