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Views From the Top Row - Cerda-fiably baffling

This news item was mentioned in the comments to last night's post and I said then it was a puzzler, and having the night to think about it doesn't make the move any more palatable. Jamie Cerda was acquired to "add left-handed depth to the bullpen battle in spring training" and while generally I'm in favor of finding a possible replacement for Randy Williams, and a second southpaw out of the pen will be a nice luxury to have, I seriously think the Rockies are barking up the wrong tree when it comes to Cerda. He's been mediocre to bad throughout his four year career, and there is no indication that he will ever be any better. What's more, in hidden stats, like inherited runners allowed to score, he looks even worse. Last season a total of twelve runners were left on the bases when Cerda was called in from the pen and he allowed half of them to score. By comparison, Marcos Carvajal only allowed one more inherited runner (7) to score despite having nearly twice as many on base (23) in his appearances. Terry Mulholland, who is mentioned in the article as another LHP possibility, only allowed seven of twenty-six inherited runners to come around.

What makes this move even more puzzling is its timing. Cerda now has to occupy a roster spot that could be more valuable protecting a player from the Rule V draft in December, or acquiring one at the same time. Last season the Rockies proved that a quality bullpen could be cobbled together even as late as a month and a half into the season. Although between Williams and Bobby Seay they never found a solid fit for that lefty role out of the pen, they didn't run into as much of a problem with left-handed batters as they seem to be thinking in making this move. And that's what this boils down to, apparently management isn't comfortable without strict adherence to the Tony LaRussa model of bullpen construction: one 1-inning closer, one 1-inning set-up man, one additional right handed and left-handed reliever, and one LOOGY. Personally, I'd prefer the six best relievers possible and go from there.