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Views from the Top Row - Rox pursuing LoDuca, Mota?

Now we've got some juicy gossip regarding our team. According to the South Florida Sun Sentinel the Rockies are interested in trading for a pair of Marlins, catcher Paul LoDuca and reliever Guillermo Mota.

Marlins catcher Paul Lo Duca, who appears available as well, has drawn interest from the Rockies, but his $12.5 million remaining obligation the next two seasons could be a deterrent. The Rockies also like reliever Guillermo Mota, whose salary could climb past $3 million next year through arbitration.

The numbers clearly don't jive with what we've heard from management that we have to spend, so I'm looking at this one with a very skeptical eye, but the players involved would be a definite upgrade over what we've got or are looking at. The article says that Larry Bigbie is apparently the main Rockies chip in the trade, which apparently is an effort by the cash strapped Marlins to dump salary. If there's any way to pull this deal off, it would help immensely in making Colorado competitive in the NL West as soon as the upcoming season as it fills two key needs with quality players. If money were no object, I would say go for it, unfortunately, money's always an object and Mota and LoDuca are seemingly priced a bit out of our range.