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Rox trading for Mariners Torrealba?

Not Paul LoDuca, not Josh Bard, but still a quality pick-up, according to, the Rockies are likely to deal with Seattle for their catcher now that the M's have signed Kenji Johjima.

Sources have told that Torrealba would be traded to the Rockies, probably for a Minor League pitching prospect.

This is in line with a Seattle newspaper report earlier in the day, so it's looking like a pretty solid rumor. We'll keep searching for the identity of said minor leaguer, as well as for confirmation of the trade this evening and tomorrow morning. Thanks again go to Malakian for the heads up.

Torrealba is a very good defensive catcher, whose offense is probably going to wind up being better than what he showed in a down season last year in San Francisco and Seattle. If we are looking at an upgrade at the position over Closser or Ardoin, he'd qualify, but maybe not by as much as Rockies fans could hope. Still, he's a relatively cheap option that allows us to save our money for signing some pitchers.