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Hot Stove Murmurs

An interesting whisper out of San Francisco has the Giants potentially interested in trading for Jason Jennings. JJ's name always comes up in trade rumors, although in this case the San Francisco Chronicle seems a bit misguided in assuming Jennings isn't a fixed cost for the Rockies this upcoming season. The deal he signed last year takes him out of the arbitration category for 2006, but the Rockies still might be tempted to deal him since after this season his future with the team becomes a bit more uncertain. With our own starter issues, however, I doubt we'd make a move on JJ until we know for sure how the season is shaping up.

I have to say that I'm very curious to know what the Giants are willing to offer back, though, as they have always been generous in their trades with other teams. Of the four targeted pitchers metioned in the piece (Jennings, Kip Wells, Bronson Arroyo, Kyle Lohse,) I would rate Jennings higher in terms of stuff than everybody except for  Minnesota's Lohse, who's also a bit younger than the other three, but the four are all fairly similar in terms of what they'll bring to teams overall.

- A note of correction- For some odd reason, in my post yesterday congratulating Ryan Shealy, I didn't mention that prospect Jim Miller was also named to Team USA, so I want to send the same congrats out to him and apologize for my omission.

-Finally, I have to say that I'm very much hoping that Kim Ng becomes the Dodgers next GM, this is obviously a franchise that has a tradition of breaking down barriers in the sport, and baseball's first female general manager will be a cause for celebration in this household at least.