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Game Day Thread - USC versus some other nobody.

My apologies for the server issues here at SB Nation that have kept the site down for most of the day, but we're back now and that should be all that matters.

So today's another one of those days that the Rockies are far from my mind as I have to root on my other favorite team, and seeing as there's no SB Nation blog for my Trojans, I'm opening up the Row as a friendly place for my fellow Trojan fans to revel in another victory.

I'm trading my Todd Helton jersey for a white sweater today

USC comes in riding a thirty-three game win streak -three of those coming against today's ever docile opponent- and today's game should be another ho-hum romp against the team we lease out the Rose Bowl to in order to keep it warm for when we really need it.

With Reggie Bush being the focus of the defense's attention early, look for Matt Leinart to open it up in the first quarter and for a change of pace for this season the Trojans should be able to take a quick lead. Our opponents' offense has some talent, so they might hold it close for most of the first half before being overwhelmed. Bush should crack through early in the second half, and it will be a runaway from there. Fight on 'SC!

This should be a common sight this afternoon.