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Views from the top Row

There has been some significant movement in the division over the weekend, the Dodgers' signing of Rafael Furcal should be seen as a return volley to San Diego's resigning of Brian Giles. It's a good move, with Cesar Izturis likely to be down for the first half of the season and top prospect Joel Guzman seeming unlikely to work out at short, the Dodgers needed help there and either Furcal or Izturis could slide seamlessly to second when both are available. Now that Furcal has signed, the secondary market for, well, second basemen opens up and this could eventually mean good news in our attempts to deal Aaron Miles. And while the Furcal move will present a challenge to the Rockies' on-field chances, perhaps we can take heart in Omar Minaya seemingly swiping Paul LoDuca from the D-backs' grasp (at least according to a recent article by the Miami Herald).

The interesting rumors concerning the Rockies all involve Larry Bigbie, most recently an article out of Pittsburgh indicating the Pirates could be interested (for a starting pitcher? that doesn't seem right, but hey, I'm not complaining). I'll post more about Bigbie and the Rox' outfielders later in the week.