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Welcome To Purple Row!

Fellow Rockie fan, I wish to introduce you to the future. Yes, I've gone ahead with the nuclear option and stacked the judiciary and this is the utopian result. Well, actually it's the result of me joining the SportsBlogs team of sites after deciding I actually wanted people to read my candid observations on Rockies' baseball.

What are my qualifications? Well, I'm a lifelong fan of the Rox for one. No, not my life but the team's at least. I've been watching the Rockies since Roberto Mejia and Jason Bates were only gleams in the eyes of Bob Gebhard. I have been writing about the team for three years now on my blog, Baseball on Blake Street, and my readers from there can tell you that I post fairly frequently (it's true, I was lauded in Ladies Home Blogger magazine as being "fairly frequent" with my posts, uhm, but I lost my copy of that, I'll have to look it up). I keep myself up to date on all the farm info -I talk to scouts and people who know scouts and people who know people who talk to scouts' barbers- which means you will hear most Rockies' rumors before Dan O' Dowd does if you read here regularly. No seriously, no other Rockies' blogger covers more from the top of the organization down than I do. Heck, I cover Rockies before they're even in the Rockies' system with extensive draft previews and even the occasional foreign scouting update. Other than that, I guess you'll get to know me more as we go along and I'll get to know you more as well.

Oh and by the way you can talk back! We're going to have live game discussions for every game up through the sixth inning, after which, well I guess the discussions will continue but I can't gurantee my computer will still be functioning after I kick it watching our 'pen blow another one. Still, check out the side over there >>>>>
where you can post your own topics as diaries, and bring up topics I don't. So stick around. Grab a cold one, and hang out with me at Purple Row.

Brandi Griffin, aka
Rox Girl