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Game Thread, Rockies at Dodgers, April 30, 8:10 Mountain Time

The Dodgers are celebrating Cinco de Mayo a week early, so this game is a sell out due to the fireworks show that's set to go off afterwards. Should we expect fireworks during the game itself? Joe Kennedy hasn't seen the kind of success he did last year yet, and Brad Penny is throwing only his second start after returning from rehab. It looks like we can expect plenty of bullpen action therefore, so just for torment, let's have a quick comparison:


Dodgers 6-1 67.6 51 26 3.78

Rockies 1-7 55 32 40 6.19

That last stat surprised me that we were that close, as the regular ERA's are 9.00 for the Rockies and 3.46 for the Dodgers. Still, we are by far the worst pen in the majors, even after park factors are taken into account. The Dodgers would rank somewhere near the bottom of the top ten though their record would try and place them higher still.

So, as Franchise26 points out in classic rock style in his blog, we wheel in the latest candidate to stop the hurt, Jay Witasick. Good luck Jay, tonight you should get your first action as a Rockie relief pitcher. How bad is it? Well, this stat looked a little dubious, but: