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Pebble Report

Only two Rockies' affiliates saw action last night so this should be brief, and then I'll get on to a draft thread.

First, Asheville won six to five, striking quickly with five runs in the first two innings, three on Joe Koshansky's ninth homerun of the season (his stats at aren't counting the two he hit yesterday for some reason) and then hanging even before winning dramatically on John Restrepo's suicide squeeze bunt in the bottom of the ninth. Jose Valdez scored the winning run after drawing a one out walk, stealing second, and advancing to third on an error. Starting pitcher Jake Postlewait had a rough four run second inning, but other than that looked fairly solid.

Modesto had a scheduled day off.

Tulsa was supposed to have a double-header, but instead couldn't even complete nine innings of one, losing nine to seven in a seven inning rain shortened game. The Drillers got a lead early, scoring its first three runs without a hit (three walks, a fielding error, and a sac fly) in the top of the first before Jayson Nix added two more with a homerun, his first of the season. The Drillers followed that with two more (again off walks) in the bottom of the second before Midland finally pulled their starter and shut down the Drillers for the remainder of the game. Anyway, the way Nick Brannon was pitching for the Rock Hounds at the time of Nix's homerun tells me to not pay a lot of attention to it. At that point in the inning Brannon had to be desperate to just get strikes. If Nix continues with a hot hand against quality pitching then we may revisit this later.

Update [2005-5-10 16:0:49 by Rox Girl]: Okay, I'm an idiot, I should know not to trust minorleaguebaseball's scoreboards and stats pages, from the Koshansky example above alone. Anyway, despite not showing on the milb scoreboard, the second game was played, Tulsa lost 3-2, and well, maybe it shouldn't have been played as none of our prospects really did much of anything except get the opposing starter a call out in BA's Daily Dish. Colorado Springs and Portland were rained out.
As I said, I'm working on a draft thread which should be up in an hour or so.