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Monday's Miracle Recap- Rockies hold marginal lead!

The Rockies had to have used the repelatron to get to Minnesota...

I actually went to bed in the bottom of the fourth inning with the score seven to six, Rockies. We were threatening still with the bases loaded and two out, but I ripped myself away during the pitching change. I get up for work three hours later and am staring at the boxscore in disbelief - was the game called after five so the teams could ponder the Holmes/Cruise publicity or no publicity ploy? No, the box shows they played the full nine innings. Okay, okay, breathe, breathe, it must have been the second option: did the Rockies miraculously acquire Johan Santana using a machine that's aerodynamically impossible to spirit him away from the Twins so he could pitch in relief? No that's not it either, the box shows the pitchers used were Wright, Acevedo, Fuentes and Tsao, and Tsao retired all three batters he faced?! No, this can't be, they couldn't possibly have done the third option: hold a one run lead for five innings to close out the victory? zero, two, two, two, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero! I must still be dreaming. Enough of this three hours of sleep thing, I'm going back to bed.