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Pre-Game Discussion - Rockies Dynasty 2008

The question is could we use Preston Wilson to get this?

Fellow SportsBLOGger, Marc Normandin at Beyond the Boxscore, continues to feed the Preston to Washington trade speculation by breaking down the particulars, PECOTA style.

I had a trade thread up the other day, if you have better suggestions -like Preston for one of these perhaps- feel free to post them... oh oh while I'm writing this Mark posted a diary to the right as well, now there are two places for you to rumormonger! Meanwhile, today we'll play a game I like to call Rockies Dynasty 2008. The rules are simple: post a starting lineup and/or rotation for the first Rockies Dynasty that will begin in a couple of years. For me, since I love the farm, my lineup looks like this:

1B Helton
2B Macri
SS Barmes
3B Stewart
C Clement
LF A. Jones (acquired via trade)
CF T. Miller
RF B. Hawpe

I thought I'd throw the Brave in there to show that the players can be acquired however you feel like, trade, free agency, 1970's style spouse swap, you name it (well okay, I'm kidding on the last one). I'll post my rotation in the comments.