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Recap-Rockies led to victory by Kim, Greene. Beatification considered

Kim starts the game and is translated after the fifth inning
Rockies fans rejoice! Your season's salvation is assured as long as you consider well the lessons of today. Bring your offerings to the Holy Shrine of the Reclamation of Damaged Red Sox Pitchers and thank them for bringing us the mighty Kim, and await the coming of the next Blaine Nealama.
Go to the Temple of Grisled Old Catching Stiffs and contemplate how Todd Greene sits so Buddha like awaiting a pitch that will never arrive because Ryan Langerhans has hit it out the other way! Learn these lessons well and most of all visit the Cathedral of Coors, the hallowed ground where these miracles occur and ponder their Mystery! Greet your fellow Rockies fans with the holy high five and keep strong in the faith.

Todd Greene's three singles point the way to enlightenment