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Owners approve of Monfort- Purple Row may be retitled "Vintage Purple Row "

At the owners meeting, the big news to come out was that in 2006 Baseball will allow its players to participate in a World Cup style tournament during Spring Training that they have rather prematurely titled the World Baseball Classic. Hence, I thought, if they can call a tournament that hasn't even been held a "Classic", then I can call my two week old site "vintage" to add some panache. On second thought, I don't know where I'd put the panache, so I'll keep my title as it is. Anyway, maybe the Rockies will have to let Jeff Francis pitch for team Canada this time around. Second, they also approved Bud Selig's tougher steroids policy as Selig once again protested that the owners, trainers, managers, official team choirboys, etc.., had absolutely no knowledge whatsoever or even the slightest hint of a suspicion that the players in their employ might possibly someday in the the future perhaps even consider the use of performance enhancers. Actually, I kind of believe him, if there was one group in the world that was collectively so ignorant as to not suspect anything than it would probably be the MLB's owners.

The Rox did have some news to come out of the meetings as the owners decided to induct Charlie Monfort and AZ Diamondbacks new owner Ken Kendrick into their inner circle in the traditional secret ceremony. Sorry to the folks at the DBO as this probably will be taken as one more step on the Rockies' road to Portland.