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Pregame and a live game discussion- May 13

I've got a concert to go to this afternoon. Friday's are usually rough for blogging because they're my spouse's day off and it's the only time in the week we get to see much of each other, so this will have to cover everything. Jeff Francis gets another go at Coors where he's been very effective in two starts this season as I pointed out in yesterday's pregame. Brad Halsey has been a surprise candidate for Rookie of the Year for the Diamondbacks and was tough against the Rockies in the first series between these two teams but has struggled of late. Francis on the other hand appears to be just heating up. The key to watch if this trend continues will be Francis' control, last time out he had two walks and seven K's, a far cry from the six walks and one K he had the first time he faced the D-backs. If Francis avoids the base on balls early, we'll know he's locked in and I expect the offense to back him up enough to take the game.

I expect to be back sometime around the first inning, until then, enjoy the afternoon.