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Recap - Tiefighter fails to materialize as clean-up alternative

Preston Wilson wouldn't have done this bad if he were here

The Imperial Tie-fighter space craft toy replica the Rockies receved earlier in the day for outfielder Preston Wilson failed to prove any more useful in the lineup, managing only an RBI single in five at bats and front lining a gaping hole in the middle of the Rockies offense that failed to provide support for Shawn Chacon. Combined, the four through six slots -the tie-fighter, Brad Hawpe, and catcher Todd Greene- went two (both singles) for fourteen with a walk. That's a game OPS of what, .342?, at Coors Field? No wonder we lost.

Maybe we shouldn't have made this trade. Preston Wilson wouldn't have done this if he was still here, he's been batting a huge .272 over the last ten games, and has been helping our rookies like Hawpe bat better too. I'm thinking the Rockies got screwed in this deal.

The positives of the game are Shawn Chacon had easily one of the best Coors Field performances of the year for the Rockies and Todd Helton suddenly has a Todd Heltonesque season stat line after going three for three with a doouble a hmer and two walks, it's too bad that lousy plastic toy couldn't bring him in.