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Rockie of the Week poll

I'm trying to figure out a couple of things to add as regular weekend features, this being the first and easiest to put up. By the way, I do want to give Clint Hurdle props for his game decisions last night. Pulling Francis in the fifth was a tough call, and it turned out he made the correct one. Aaron Miles extended the rally which led to the rout. Anyway, a few more decisions like that one and I'll take down my managerial search committee, though you can't ever have too many applicants.

On to the poll, last week was a good one for the Rockies, with the usual suspects performing their usual roles, but I'm going to toss a couple of names in here you might not expect. First, Shawn Chacon, who despite taking the loss had the best start of the week, going eight innings before the D-backs shut the door on him for good. Second, Jay Witasick, who in his three games did nothing but put up the following: 5.1 IP, 6 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 7K's. He was used in both tight situations and, well, last night. Witasick narrowly beats out Jose Acevedo for my choice from the pen. The other two are the cogs in the lineup, Todd Helton had an OBP of .606 for the week after drawing eight walks. You know, I'm starting to suspect that opponents are deliberately trying to pitch around Helton to get to the plastic Star Wars toy that bats after him. Still, Helton managed to get five doubles and a home-run (a SLG of .800) despite the handicap. And then of course there's Clint Barmes who had a ho-hum .441/.457/.853 line with three doubles, a triple and three homers. Hit comment to participate in the voting.


Who wins the Inaugural Purple Row Rockie of the Week Award?

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    Shawn Chacon
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    Jay Witasick
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  • 66%
    Todd Helton
    (4 votes)
  • 33%
    Clint Barmes
    (2 votes)
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    Other (please post who in a comment, thanks)
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