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Live Game Discussion- Wright v Webb

Oops, I had this once but messed up while trying to post. Anyway lineups are already up. I like the Rockies seven to five even though Webb will be tough.

Update [2005-5-15 3:34:6 by Rox Girl]: I'm not going to be able to post a full recap on this one, so I'll just post my final thoughts here. After getting pounded ten to four, I'm liking my idea of not having Jamey Wright pitch at Coors more and more. Of course, once Aaron Cook is back this might be moot. Anyway, Wright hasn't been effective at our home park since we let him go the first time, so why not have a designated Coors fifth starter like Kim and use Wright as our road #5? Anyway, it's a thought. Kudos to Brandon Webb, who pitched a really good game for teh D-backs as our offense (ouside of Todd Helton and maybe Aaron Miles) just couldn't get it going.