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Game Discussion- Estes vs Jennings and Purple and Blackjack

Shawn Estes returns to Coors Field for the first time since bolting and expects it to be as kind for him this year with his new team as it was with the Rockies last year. Meanwhile, Jason Jennings tries to bounce back from his worst Coors start of the season by tossing something more in line with his previous start. The game starts at 3:05.

To liven up the in game discussion today I'm going to introduce a new game which I have rather sillily dubbed Purple and Blackjack. The rules are simple pick one player from each lineup, a Rockie you expect to hit well and an opposing hitter you expect our pitchers to dominate. The opponent score is subtracted from the Rockie score and the highest total based on the following point scale wins:

Single = 1pt
Walk = 1pt
SB = 1pt
Double = 3pts
Triple = 4pts
Homerun= 5pts
Out = -1pt
GIDP = -3pts
GITP = -5pts
CS = -1pt

For example had you chosen Todd Helton (three for three plus two walks, 9pts) and Troy Glaus (zero for four, one walk, -2pts) your total yesterday would have been 11 pts.
The House today chooses Matt Holliday and Alex Cintron. Go ahead and choose your players until the the first pitch.