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Recap- Hurdle at loss as to why pitchers can't throw strikes

Three out of four batters who walked came around to score as the Rockies lost five to four. The tune is familiar to Rockies fans as this is the way so many of their games have gone this season. After the Rockies latest setback to the D-backs, manager Clint Hurdle also sits pondering where things have gone wrong.

"I just can't figure out why what we're trying isn't working with these guys," Hurdle says.
"I mean, I've tried everything. I've had Bob coach them, we've tried to make sure they're eating the right things, like salmon or free range chicken or good things like that."
Hurdle makes sure his pitchers eat right.

"We try to get them to relax by picking out some cd's they can listen to or even online computer games just to get their minds off of it. You know sometimes you think too much and you start getting upset and then the next thing you know your behind in the count."

Hurdle's cd choices help his pitchers get ready for the ballgame.

"Maybe they're just getting mixed messages, but I don't see where they'd be coming from. Heaven's knows I've stayed on message."
Hurdle isn't willing to give up however,

"Yeah, I've still got a couple of ideas I'm toying with, there's this self help guru who has these cd's out that I hear are pretty good. Maybe we'll see if that helps."