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Views from the Top

It's a slow afternoon, thankfully and an off day so I'll post a couple of things as we go. First I would advise you to go to the other Rockies' bloggers where apparently both Dan at Up in the Rockies and Mark at The Good the Bad and the Barmes have the temerity to read the The Denver Post's Rockies coverage and apparently their hockey guy has something actually worth saying about us. Mark reads everything so he'll point you to other articles about the Rockies (even Gammo, descending to bestow his wisdom from on high) as well as making a gratuitous "Animal House" quotation- which I must say was overrated in my book (hey, I'm a girl, what do you expect?). At least Mark's an Arrested Development fan. MARRY ME! Dan meanwhile -who knows if he likes AD- but he makes his regular astute observations and let's me win my second trivia challenge! Woo hoo! No seriously you guys have to visit more often to get in on the action. Hey as long as I'm sharing the love, make sure you go to Rox Head and Diamond in the Rox to complete the Rockies fan voyage.

By the way, Dan, as well as Marc Normandin from Beyond the Boxscore and I will be hopefully having a Rockies roundtable sometime next week over at Marc's site. I'll keep you posted as we get closer. Continuing with the SportsBLOG paragraph, visit Athletics Nation to read the latest from Michael Lewis of Moneyball fame. How does Blez do it? I mean get the big time guests like that. Well, I'll do that soon. Maybe someday I can get the Lego figure that plays "Little Nicky Punto" on Bat-girl's site to do a sit-down. Oops I forgot this is the SportsBLOG paragraph. Okay, I should have done this over the weekend, but check out our Missouri annex, new blogs for the Royals and Cardinals. The Cardinals site has a tough edgy logo that makes me think of "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" for some reason. Hmm. Antonio Banderas and Johnny Depp. And Salma Hayek... I think it's time to check out a dvd. I'll be back to post more later.

Update [2005-5-16 17:31:58 by Rox Girl]:A juicy trade rumor out of Boston (scroll down the page) concerning Jason Jennings, okay it's not so much a rumor as a whisper of a rumor, but still that's something. Meanwhile Newsday acts like it has info concerning Todd Helton but really has nothing. No seriously. I don't know why I even linked it other than to get people to share in my gullibility. Suckers.