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Why is Gammons making stuff up about our team?

I know Mark at TGTB&TB touched on the Peter Gammons column already, but I don't know if it's been touched on enough how much of a factual discrepancy that Peter just threw out there without any sort of note or explanation.

But as left-handed pitcher Jeff Francis continues to pitch for the Rockies after a minor-league career that stamped him one of the elite pitching prospects, after seeing him throw 34 pitches in the first inning of a recent game -- when he's a command guy -- makes one wonder how he'll be two years from now. Right-hander Jason Jennings, who is as tough as they come and with a sinker seemingly made for Coors, now sees his walk rates constantly climb and will be one of the players -- along with Preston Wilson, Shawn Chacon and some others -- O'Dowd tries to use to get more future foundation players.

Alright his point almost seems logical, but the problem is, this so-called 34 pitch first inning didn't happen. Not this year at least, the most he's thrown was twenty-seven in his season debut at SBC. And then if it was last year all the sudden you wonder what his definition of recent entails. And then all of the sudden you notice what a sham of selective sampling this is as throughout his brief career Jeff Francis has averaged only 16.5 pitches per inning at Coors and something like 18.0 on the road. Where is he getting his figures? I have no idea, maybe Gammons thought he saw Jeff Francis when he really saw somebody else, anyway somebody get that guy a fact checker as well as off of the Rockies.