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Rockies Tuesday Draft Discussion

I'll post more to the front here throughout the day, but I wanted to get this up before I went to work. Biggest news about the draft? Scott Boras tells Baseball America's John Manuel that it's likely both Stephen Drew and Jered Weaver re-enter the draft at this point. The Rockies don't have a problem dealing with Boras or his clients and both of these players will have considerably less leverage the second time around. Both players are also highly skilled, highly polished and could be ready for teh majors very quickly. So should the Rockies take a look at either one with the number seven pick? For me it depends on who else is available or has been taken off the board already. I don't know if any of the other college starters most frequently mentioned as top ten picks (Luke Hochevar, Mike Pelfrey, Ricky Romero, Cesar Carillo) have as much upside as Weaver, and only Justin Upton is a better middle infield bet than Drew, but if a Cameron Maybin or Alex Gordon is still there than I'd have to pass. Anyway, your thoughts as always, are welcome.

Update [2005-5-18 12:14:22 by Rox Girl]:Follow the link again to find out that Allard Baird is really really serious about spending David Glass's money on Upton, Maybin, or Gordon, as well as a cryptic Washington post about them having cash (some cash?) to burn as well. I still say Washington goes with Zimm, who's slotted by some teams around there anyway, and we know he'll sign for slot money, so I think the Rockies catch a break. I haven't heard any word on any of the top six being interested in Weaver or Drew yet, but I'm still looking into it.