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Recap -a sweet win for the Rockies

Sorry, I'm slower than everybody on the recap again today, but it's only because while I was working I was confronted with an irresistable obstacle.
The Rockies lineup was as rich at the bottom as this last night.

See, there's this chocolate company I drive by and today as I'm getting off work -now I know it's still only 11 am here, but never mind that for now- anyway, there's this local chocolate company and today they put out a sign saying "Ice Cream" and it's the first time the sign has been out all season. Now the problem is, I've had their ice cream before, their hot fudge sundaes, and I know exactly what goes into them and what a fantastic deal I'm getting when I buy one because I know that the homemade ice cream dripping on top and blending with the decadent rich fudge sauce down in the bottom of the cup, and loads of fresh whipped cream spooned on besides, is enough to make me 1) gain ten pounds just by looking at it, -but I don't care because 2) it also makes me explode into tiny pieces with excitement and pleasure, and so seemingly the pounds just melt off.

Anyway, kudos to the decadence of the bottom of our sundae cup last night, even though I wouldn't have opted for the light no fat ice cream in the middle. So I'll do a Pebble Report next and have a pregame discussion thread up soon too since the game starts early today, and then we'll just see how it goes from there.