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Game thread- Chac' vs. Hennessey

Shawn Chacon has his mind off of the Nuggets' playoff run and is now focused on pitching apparently, which brought good results against the D-backs his last outing. Or maybe it's a grudge with all things related to Phoenix. Anyway, hopefully the grudge carries over to this game as well, as the Giants try to even the series with Jason Schmidt replacement option A. So far option A has done a pretty decent job, compiling a VORP of 2.2 in only two starts. Chac' meanwhile has a VORP of 9.5 to lead the Rockies and has done well this year at holding home court. Hennessey gets the good fortune of experiencing Coors field for the first time, somehow I don't expect his good trend to hold. Giants fans hate it when their team comes to play in Coors almost as much as we hate playing in SBC as we have dashed their playoff hopes a couple of times, including last year. This year, niether team has much hope of the playoffs, but lets put an end to the Giants' delusions of such early.

Purple and Black-jack continues tonight, last night's winner was fellow Rockie blogger Mark from The Good, the Bad, and the Barmes beating the house with eight points on Todd Greene's homerun and walking prowess and Omar Vizquel's dismal performance. Tonight, I'll return to Brad Hawpe, who should get the start this time, and Marquis Grissom as the house choices.