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Gameday Discussion Jamey Wright vs. Mark Redman

A long trip to Pittsburgh as the Rockies take their nearest approach to my neck of the woods to date just as I head out the other direction. Jamey Wright is on the road so I like our chances better in this one. Also, if ever we were to win on the road, it should be at Pittsburgh, who has been the worst this season at their home field in the majors. Unfortunately, Redman has probably been the best Pirate starter at home (aor anywhere arguably), but hasn't been given run support and is only one and two on the year. The one win was a complete game shutout, and overall he only has a 2.42 ERA at PNC. If right-handed hitters are patient, they can get to him, as he'll start to let them on by walks and then give them better pitches to hit as he's trying to regain control. Against lefties he's super tough so we'll have to rely on Barmes, Atkins and Holliday to some extent and hope Mohr or Wilson can somehow turn it around as well.

I expect lots of comments to let me know what's happened, because heavens knows I can't trust the media. I'll be back Saturday AM for a recap and a two day Pebble Report.