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Game thread - Franchise vs. Eaton

Like yesterday, it should be a close, low-scoring contest. Brad Hawpe could be a big key for us as Eaton's the type of pitcher he has the most success against (hard throwing right hander) and as I mentioned yesterday, Hawpe's been on somewhat of a tear of late. Todd Helton also needs to step up, and Eaton's a good candidate to do it on: for his career, Helton's hitting .333 against him with two homers and five doubles in forty-two at bats. Eaton doesn't like pitching to Helton, as he's walked him ten times already. One other batter to note, Matt Holliday has only three hits in eleven at bats with six K's against Eaton, but if he connects, he hits it hard with a homer and a double among those three.

As far as Francis versus the Pods goes, look to right-handed hitters to have the most success, and Francis is thanking his lucky stars Khalil Greene is injured with a broken finger. Greene has owned Francis in the two future stars' young careers, hitting .500 with two homeruns in just six at bats. Really the only other Padre to do well against Francis is our next year's starting second baseman, Mark Loretta (a girl can dream, can't she?) Honestly, considering all of those factors and Francis' success last year at Petco, I've got to like our chances in this one. We match up very well.