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Bran and Geraldine sit back and kick it like girls

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This feature used to be called "sit back and kick it like guys" because we talked about baseball and arena football (Geraldine's favorite sport)and things, but tonight's turn at the event took a rather unfortunate twist.

Bran: So Geraldine, long time no see, what's up?

Geraldine: The same thing you're thinking about.

Bran: Rockies baseball?

G: Get real, we have to talk about it.

Bran: Talk about what?

G: You know what I'm referring to.

Bran: Really, I don't have any idea....

G:I know you saw it and thought the exact same thing I did.

Bran: Listen, okay maybe I saw what you saw, but I can't talk about it here, okay?

G: Brandi, you know you want to.

Bran: Geraldine, this is baseball, SportsBLOGS, even. You know they got mentions in TIME and The New York Times. Besides, these are guys reading, I do something like that, they're going to kick me out of here so fast...

G: Come on, your site just started. Nobody will even notice if you do it today. I mean, you get what, one comment a day?

Bran: Okay, fine, but I'm warning you, if anybody pays attention, you're one dead monkey.

G: Here's the picture:

Garrett Atkins could use some product

Bran: let's get this over with, please.

G: Alright, Garrett Atkins, average everyday baseball player, kind of good looking, right?

Bran: For a Bruin, maybe, but I didn't notice.

G: Okay, but notice the crow's feet starting to form around the eyes. Notice the sun damage from too many springtimes spent in Arizona.

Bran: He could definitely use some product.

G: Exactly, now if this was the bush leagues, I'd recommend he start off with a multi purpose facial cleanser, and an SPF 15 daily moisturizer, and eye cream. Neutrogena and Dove make excellent products that can fit right into a minor leaguer's budget.

Bran: But Garrett's in the bigs now, he needs to upgrade.

G: Right, so what would you suggest?

Bran: Well, I'd suggest he get his girlfriend to buy some Olay Rejuvenist, or maybe Clinique.

G: Definitely Clinique, but what do you think about a spa treatment?

Bran: Wow, that sounds so good right now.

G: No, I mean for Garrett.

Bran: Sure, maybe the Rockies can just start offering that in the trainer's room.

G: That would be so cool! Everybody would want to sign with them then.

Bran: I don't think that's how it works, G.

I can't believe you talked me into that. Alright we did it, we're done now. I've got to get ready for the Padres game, and you're going away for a long long time.

G: I'll be back

Bran: Okay, whatever.