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Recap - Rockies lose nine to four

Mike Redman proved too much for the Rockies to handle, and Byung Hyun Kim apparently sealed their fate by blowing up in the seventh. I wrote before I left that it would be important for our right handed hitters to stay patient against him, and judging by a glance at the gameday log only Matt Holliday failed to follow that advice as most of the rest of our right handed hitters were retired on fairly deep counts, although only Garrett Atkins apparently got anything from it, scoring twice -by walk (followed by a Todd Greene double) and then homerun. Atkins has been solid lately and continuing that performance on the road is key to how we feel he fits with the Rockies' future, while Holliday's struggles away from Coors continue to sour our opinion on his future place on the team.

I was going to go off on some rant about how much something or other irks me, but instead I'll do that later and just post this as I start to watch two teams I don't like (the Yankees and Mets) play for bragging rights of a city I do think is pretty cool. Fight on, Randy.

I'll have a pregame up and then the Pebble Report later this afternoon.