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Pregame discussion - Jason Jennings

With the imminent return of Aaron Cook to the rotation the Rockies will be facing a couple of decisions heading into the month of June. Right now if we were to look at the team's starters the two primary candidates to lose their slot in favor of Cook would be either Jennings or Jamey Wright, and given J.J.'s better success at Coors, it looks likely that Wright becomes the sixth man on the fifth wheel.

However, with the trade deadline coming into the horizon, a bigger question emerges of whether the Rockies would wish to keep all six starters this rebuilding year or try to work out a deal where they ship one or more off to continue the reconstruction. Wright again is the most likely the Rockies would try to peddle (if any, carrying only five would again create a concern about rotation depth) but would he be the best one for the future good of the team? I would argue that Wright's value as a trading piece is low enough to make most trades involving him a wash for the team at best. Jennings on the other hand, I feel could bring a much larger return because he's a) better than Wright and veteran enough to draw interest, b) still, he's fairly young and remarkably durable, and c) he's under contract for the next two years making him more than a one and done player that is lost to whoever we make the trade with at the end of the season.

For these reasons I think the Rockies should at least consider a possible move of Jennings if they can get the right package of near ready prospects or young players including at least one pitcher who could someday assume Jennings' spot in the rotation back. If the prospective return of the players we get back could be greater than Jennings' own future value with the team it seems like a deal should be made. Last year, Jennings drew interest from the Red Sox among others, and though he has struggled thus far this year, he still holds enough value to merit young talent in return. Anyway, that's what I'm thinking, even though Jason's been one of my favorite Rockies. Is this a bad call? Let me know.