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Game Discussion Jennings vs Perez

Two struggling pitchers face off in tonight's tilt, though expectations were higher for Perez to do well this year after his breakthrough 2004. After getting off to a trainwreck start, however, Perez was pulled from his last two turns in the rotation to work things out before making tonight's reappearance. Jennings meanwhile has been hit or miss with the Rockies, although his record shows mostly the misses. His control issues have been documented and for the Rockies to win he has to stay in the strikezone, it's as simple as that. If he allows much more than one runner per inning, look for another long night. If he can keep his walks and his pitches down, however, the Rockies should win.

Clint Hurdle is off taking care of his family and our wishes are with them and especially his daughter. Jaime Quirk will sit on the bench in his stead. One other note, Michael Restovich has only played two games for Pittsburgh since being traded from the Rockies, but has two hits (one double) and a walk in six plate appearances and if he can keep up the strong performance the Rockies will get a better player in return. Not that we would condone such behavior but once the game's in hand for the Rockies, if one of our relievers wants to give up a gopher ball, we might turn a blind eye.

Purple and Black-jack returns tonight, the house's choices are Luis Gonzalez and Daryle Ward.