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Game Discussion - Kennedy vs. Fogg

Joe Kennedy tries to salvage a single game out of the series with Pittsburgh this afternoon in a little under half an hour.

Kennedy has been up and down this year, but more up than Jennings and Wright, so maybe we have a chance. An interesting lineup switch as Clint Barmes is slid back into the two slot and Cory Sullivan gets to lead-off. Sullivan fits the traditional leadoff mold better than Barmes, and Cory's had a good year thus far making the decision a little easier. I think this is a really good lineup for our team- balanced, patient, with some power besides- especially if Matt Holliday can come through in the clean-up spot.

1 Sullivan
2 Barmes
3 Helton
4 Holliday
5 Hawpe
6 Atkins
7 Relaford
8 Closser
9 Kennedy

1 Redman
2 Wilson
3 Bay
4 Ward
5 Castillo
6 Restovich
7 Wigginton
8 Cota
9 Fogg

The House picks Barmes and Wigginton for P&BJ.