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Game discussion thread-Chacon vs Capuano

The Rockies start their interleague schedule a series late against a team that only poses as a National League club. Shawn Chacon takes the hill against one of the Brew-crew's young guns. Capuano has pitched well againt the Rockies in the past so whether the team will finally provide some run support for Chacon is debatable. The offense struggled once again in Pittsburgh to capitalize on run scoring chances and once again our hopes of that rest in the middle of our lineup. Somebody has to step up there, someday right?

Anyway, Purple and Black-jack goes on tonight, the Rockie the house chooses to do well will be Garrett Atkins and the house's choice of a Brewer to do poorly against Chacon is Chad Moeller

Update [2005-5-23 22:11:6 by Rox Girl]: Shawn Chacon was pulled early after another effective start with a sprained right ankle, we'll keep you posted on his injury status as it unfolds.