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Game thread - Francis vs. Santos

With the diaries and the draft and my little rant about formal wear, I'll skip the pre-game tonight so if people want to comment they can continue on those threads, be sure to check out "The 'Youth Movement'" over there to the right as another opportunity to project the Rox future glory by Rox Fan in TN.

Franchise gets the start and if you read around much has been made about his woeful road record, which to me, is still meaningless for sample size reasons. He should be solid to excellent again tonight. Santos meanwhile is the Brewers' version of Shawn Chacon, in that his 1-4 belies the fact that he's actually pitched pretty well but just hasn't received the backing from his offense. Luckily for us, it shouldn't happen for him tonight either. Helton homered off him in his lone appearance versus the Rox and for that reason Todd is the house's Rockie selection for Purple and Black-jack. For the Brewers, we feel Wes Helms will look pitiful against Francis for no reason in particular.