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Game Thread - Joe Kennedy vs Mark Prior

I'll have more up later today, but I have to get my car fixed this afternoon right about when the game is starting. Hopefully the mechanic has WGN. Anyway, Prior's been great since the days we were taking classes at VKC and some of us nonathletes had to eat at Evil Kitchen. Kennedy? Well, he hasn't been quite as great let's say. Still, he was pretty decnt last year, and if JJ can turn it around against the Cubs - why not Joe also, I say. So sorry, Mark, you can still fight on, but this time I'm going to have to root against you.

Purple and Black-jack, the house did pretty well yesterday even without the Cub of choice playing on Preston Wilson's surge alone, today we're going to go with a rookie, Brad Hawpe, to figure out Prior since Helton's struggling, and as far as the Cubs? We think Joe Kennedy will keep Neifi guessing.

The floor's yours.