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Game Thread, Francis vs. Mitre

This should be our other good chance of picking up a victory in this series, in fact a better chance than the first game, just by looking at the pitching matchup. It would be nice if Francis can put down the funky statistical anomalies of faring better at Coors Field and in night games by coming up big here. I have a feeling he's going to do it.

Purple and Black Jack choices:

for the Rockies, should we go with Preston Wilson who's on a roll, or Todd Helton who needs to get on one, or one of the talented rooks? Hmm... I think we're going with the latter actually, and I'll pick Clint Barmes and go with Jeromy Burnitz as my Cub to be fuddled.

I'm not going to be around much for the beginning of the game again today, but I should be back later.