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Views from the Top-

Today's reading will take us to a few places, first, check out the new SportsBLOGS, a stats oriented site called Beyond the Box Score where those of you with SABRs can go wave them around and a 'Stros blog called Crawfish Boxes, mmm... sounds tasty... sort of, maybe if I was a catfish. Yuck. But I'm sure the site's great.

Anyway, speaking of SABR rattling, I wanted to point you to two Rockies related Baseball Think Factory discussions, the first a response to Woody Paige's Denver Post column about turning Coors Field into the world's first outdoor arena football stadium,(Geraldine loves plexiglass) and the second a discussion on Matt Holliday's run in with angry Dodger fans a couple of days ago. Both discussions are a couple of days old unfortunately, but we might discuss some of the issues brought up in them at a later date here, so I guess in that sense they really are a primer. Go figure, it's almost ironic.