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Game thread, Rockies v. Padres - Wright v. Redding

I don't know where to start. Redding has been awful for San Diego this year, and that 7.94 ERA he's put up doesn't include anything more than a scoreless out recorded at Coors so it's not like he has the same excuse as Jamey Wright for his inflated numbers. On the surface, we should have the advantage in this one, but on the surface, we should have had an advantage yesterday too. Unfortunately, I forgot the importance of certain intangibles like game management.

Wright's starts have been erratic, he'll give up one run, then the next time out he'll give up a bunch. Oddly enough, the pattern goes like this: road (one run), Coors Field (nine runs), road (one run), Coors Field (seven runs). Which tells me that Wright perhaps more than any of our starters is keeping the ball in the strike zone despite his twelve walks. If the pattern continues then this should be one of his "good starts". How much faith do I have that this will actually be the case? Probably about 38%.

Our pregame discussion tonight will continue the managerieal search committee that I set up on my last site. So far the leading candidates are (in no particular order):

  1. Walt Weiss - the former shortstop has no managing experience but has stuck around the Rockies' organization in various instructional posts.
  2. Davey Johnson - Personally, I don't see him taking this job, but you can't deny his record, and he might be a good fit for our youth movement.
  3. Marv Foley - My own top choice and currently managing our AAA Sky Sox affiliate, but another winner wherever he goes. Unfortunately none of his experience has been with major league clubs. Foley is the only manager to coach teams to the championship of three different AAA leagues (the PCL, the IL, and the old AA.)
  4. continued... Most of my readers agreed that regardless of who gets the manager post, current Sky Sox pitching coach Bob McClure should replace Bob Apodaca. Other suggestions for pitching coach were Jim Wright, and George Frazier.
  5. Andres Galarraga - hey, Willie Randolph thinks he'd be a good manager. The Big Cat is still in Venezuela following his retirement and will probably return to the Mets at some point in some coaching capacity, but I say we should shark him back.