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Game discussion thread - Wright vs Marquis

Apparently we're considering replacing Wright in the rotation with Byung Hyun Kim, a decision Mark at TGTBTB compares to "standing over a raging campfire with a can of gasoline, thinking better of it, and chucking a can of bug spray in instead", which is apt, except for that I think either way your eyes would be hopefully rendered without function and you will thankfully be spared watching those two pitch, so who knows, maybe either can of flammable substance choice has its upside.

Anyway, Marquis hasn't been that great, but the potent Cardinals lineup in Coors against Wright spells for a bigger disaster than Jennifer Aniston being invited to the premiere after-party of Mr and Mrs Smith. That's why the contrarian in me all the sudden comes up with this idea that the Rockies might actually be primed to win this one. It's not a bad call to make, if I'm wrong, it doesn't matter since nobody would have taken the pick seriously anyway, and if I'm right, well then all of a sudden I'm some sort of amazing prophetess. Hmm. Unfortunately, even I'm not crazy enough to take that tack, I'll say Cardinals win this one but we should make it a lot closer than people think.

House P&BJ choices will be made once lineups are out.