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Views from the Top Row - Depth at catcher?

What a strange concept coming out of Seattle

All indications, then, are the Mariners will look for a veteran catcher. Again.

Benito Santiago's name will surely surface, but he remains an unlikely solution, since the Mariners have passed on him twice in the past month, once in a trade and again as a free agent. Greg Myers, 39, who was released by the Blue Jays last month, remains available. Colorado has good depth at the position, which could make Todd Greene expendable.

This is the first time I've heard this, and I have no idea why they would think we have enough depth at the position to dispose of Greene, particularly with Closser only beginning to emerge from his funk ahead of him.

I missed Rox Head's quarter season grades when they came out a few days ago, but it looks like Head Bum's higher than the rest of the Rockies blog community on the value of Jamey Wright, and acually it's hard to argue with him especially after last night. As far as trades are concerned it's kind of hard to tell by the grades, but it looks like HB feels that a trade of Preston Wilson will serve us well by leaving with playing time for the farm, but a trade of Joe Kennedy will bring in the most return player value. Judging by his grades, it also appears that we're in agreement that shipping Todd Greene to the Mariners would not be a wise decision at this juncture.


It's discussion time. Today I want to start making a real consensus about the value of players for trade. I think it will be an interesting exercise. I want my readers to rate as many of the forty man roster as they care to on a scale from one to five, with five meaning we absolutely shouldn't let this player go no matter what, while one means we should trade him for anything at the earliest convenience. Three means you're ambivalent and don't really care either way. I'm just going to post their names in the Comment threads and you could rate as we go or just pick the ones you like. I'm eliminating Marcos Carvajal and Matt Merricks from contention since as Rule Five players they can't be traded without first being offered back to the Dodgers.[editor's note, by Rox Girl] Oops, that was a bad case of memory lapse, we can trade Carvajal or Merricks without offering them back to the Dodgers so long as the next club down the line puts them on the twenty-five man roster. I'll just leave them out still, though since I assume nobody would want to give them up right now anyway. If you do, just add a comment to the bottom.