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Game Thread- Jennings vs. Mulder

At any other field and this one's an easy call to make. Hmm... It's at home though, yet J.J is coming off of a great game and when was the last time he threw two of those in a row? Is Mark Mulder prepared for Coors? But look at what he's done over the last seven games....

Alright, I've got it, here's how it goes: the moment Jennings gives up his third walk, the Cardinals win, at that point you can get up off the chair and close the refrigerator or whatever Chick Hearn used to say during Laker games. If Jennings can somehow keep from giving away that third pass, the Rockies will win. I'm posting the thread a bit early and won't be around as it's my anniversary and we're going out, so the House picks for P&BJ will be Helton and Molina.

Let's go Rockies!