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Game Day Discussion: Jennings vs Peavy

JJ tries to follow his disappointing outing at Dodger Stadium with a go against a Cy Young candidate in Peavy. He's also facing a Padres lineup that does well against him with lefties Ryan Klesko, Brian Giles and Sean Burroughs being traditional thorns in his side. Peavy, like most pitchers, hasn't faced too many of the Rockies for any appreciable at bats since we're so rookie heavy. Todd Helton usually hits well against him, so look to our own left handed batters, such as Brad Hawpe and maybe switch hitters to do best.

From the start of the series this was the game that looked trickiest to come away with a victory from, so you've got to like the Padres' chances of pulling out the sweep. Still, the series has had some strange results thus far -so if JJ can keep us close, we should have a shot late. Our bullpen has quietly been resurgent over the first five games of the trip (even including Jay Witasick's blown chance last night) too bad they've all been losses which disguises this. It's an early game thankfully, which means I can see the whole thing live. I'll be here for a discussion all afternoon.