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Views from the Top

I put up a couple of new links last night, first a Rockies' blog at MLBlogs by Mark Donohue called The Good the Bad and the Barmes which is updated at least as frequently as yours truly's and is almost as informative (I noticed Donohue makes no skin care recommendations on his site, so I think I still beat him there). Anyway, if he's paying the price mlblogs wants to charge people for the privilege of posting with them, you figure he's got to feel he has something important to say.

The other blog added needs to be updated more before I really give it a recommendation, but we'll see. One place I definitely recommend is the Rockies discussion board which has several informed Rockies' fans posting frequently. Also, RoxHead has been having troubles with the logon to this site, a problem I encountered myself when I first came here, but I wanted people to be able to read his thoughts on the Rockies as well, so follow the link or the one down the sidebar to see what he has to say. If anybody else has been having troubles or if you just want to ask a question to be answered in a mailbag type of feature, I have posted an e-mail address in my profile which I'll use for this site.

Finally! (link to notes)
How long have we been saying this? Nothing against Miles, he's the best second base option we have still, but he's not a leadoff hitter. Sullivan did a good job in a pitchers park last night, but Barmes will probably be best long term.

Other than that, I also wanted to point out this quote from Thomas Harding's notes column at the official site yesterday:

Since the first day pitchers and catchers arrived in Tucson, manager Clint Hurdle and pitching coach Bob Apodaca -- heck, pretty much anyone wearing purple pinstripes -- preached the gospel of fastball command. But if telling guys to throw strikes was all it took, any Little League coach could do this job.

Now, what Harding was trying to say while genuflecting as he normally does is how hard the job of being a major league coach or manager is. But seriously, if any Little League coach can do just as well as Hurdle and Apodaca are right now, why are we paying them? The fact is, whatever coaching Hurdle and Apodaca are doing has proven ineffective and we have to look to coaches that have gotten their pitchers to throw strikes. Last night for instance, Tim Redding bounced back from a couple of horrible outings by being in the zone all night except to Todd Helton. Obviously Padres coaches are doing something right.