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Pebble Report

This will be one of the shortest of these all year as only two of our affiliates played yesterday (Modesto was rained out, Aheville had the day off) and the Sky Sox only got two hits. One of those was by Choo Freeman, the other by Elvis Pena and the rest of the team apparently took the evening off. Our two pitchers in the game, 26 year olds Wilton Chavez and Zach McClellan both pitched alright, we might see either one at some point this year as we try and break the record for most pitchers used in a season.

Tulsa's offense showed up but the Drillers still lost 9-8. Jayson Nix had two doubles in three at bats to push his average over .200 for the first time in a long time, and recently acquired Tommy Nicholson, lately of the White Sox organization (he was an 11th rond pick in 2000 for them, but only had a cup of coffee in AAA to show for it) had three hits to push his 18 AB average to .500. You can see Nicholson struggled in the White Sox' organization, but coming over to new digs seems to have helped him.

Since this is an off day for the big club I might take a closer look at some of our players in the minors or do a draft update later. If anybody has any suggestions on a minor leaguer you'd like profiled you can post a comment or e-mail me if you'd like.

Rain prevented us from seeing more of this yesterday (Ian Stewart homers)